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Inventory Management

Real Time Multi-level Stock
Real Time Multi-level Stock Know exactly what you have in stock and where, in real time. With a detailed stock level for each of your SKU.

You know exactly what is on the shelf ready for picking and how much you have, in overstock. Know what is committed to fulfill orders or transfers and what is your expected incoming.

You can even monitor your receivings from your stock level knowing what is purchased awaiting delivery, and what is already received but not yet stored.

Stock adjustment
Stock adjustment Sometimes, you need to adjust your stock level manually. It's not a cycle count and you are not in the warehouse but you need to do so. It can be the marketing team who needs a sample for a photo shoot, a salesperson who needs one for a demonstration or you simply need to adjust your stock because of error or any other reason. Doing so, is very easy, directly from your product, and you decide who is authorized to perform it.

Bin Locations
Bin Locations Knowing exactly where are physically located your products in your warehouses is crucial for the picking stage, put away and replenishment.

For each SKU, in each warehouse, you have 2 location bins, one, called "Picking", which is used to store small quantity available for fulfilling your sales orders and another one, called "Overstock", used for storing a larger quantity.

The 2 bins are linked, and replenish will be triggered automatically to ensure that you always have enough items to meet your orders. If you sell a product in many sizes or colors, you will have these 2 bins for each combination size/color.

History of Movement
History of Movement Each SKU is tracked at the warehouse level. Every incoming and outgoing stock is recorded with a timestamp, the average cost of goods, who did it, and the type of transaction (Purchase, Stocktake, Sale, customer Return, etc.)

Replenishment & Reorder thresholds
Replenishment & Reorder thresholds For each of your SKU, you can define the level at which point you want to trigger a reorder, and if you use an overstock bin, you can set the level to automatically trigger a Replenishment. This will ensure that you always have enough products to fulfill your sales orders.

Lot Number & Expiries tracking
Lot Number & Expiries tracking Track Lot number from your purchases to your sales and get the "real time stock level" for each Lot number in each Warehouse. Monitoring expiries has never been so easy.

Serialization Track Serial number from Purchase order, up to the Sales order even on customer Return. Checking a Serial Number will give access to the Purchase Order, and the Status (available, Sold, Returned, broken or even recalled) and its actual location. If the product has been sold, you'll get access to the Sales Order in only one click.

Sizes and Colors
Sizes and Colors You sell clothing, shoes, linen or any product with sizes and in different colors. The other companies will talk about variants because they don't really understand your business. We speak sizes and colors fluently. Create your sizes from our ready to use libraries and select your colors from our palette, in no time.

Et Voila! Only one product and you have your stock levels by size and by color and get their exact location in your warehouses. Best of all, you can even create discounts and BOGO on a specific size and/or color.

The analytics will give you, "Best Sellers", broken down per colors and sizes to feed your buyers with real insights, to better understand trends and forecast new collections.

Specifications Enhance your Product's data to meet your business needs with Custom Fields. Set an unlimited amount of custom fields with convenience and ease.

Speed up the input process by creating custom templates. Then for each product, just select the template and instantaneously enhance your product's data with its specifications ready to fill out. Create an unlimited number of templates including unlimited number of personalized fields.

Selling Prices
Selling Prices For each of your product you can, either set selling price depending on the type of sale (Retail or Wholesale) or per quantity with up to 5 brackets. If you have chosen, "prices per bracket", when you update the quantity in your sale order, the right price will be automatically picked.

High Quality Photos
High Quality Photos Unlimited HQ photos with zoom. Automatic resizing and optimization. No skill required, No photo editing. Just drag and drop your files. We'll take care of the rest and will produce a professional result.

Powerful Nested Category system
Powerful Nested Category system Breakdown your products catalog into categories nested into each other. If you sell women's clothing, what can be more obvious than having, for example, a main category Clothing that split into Dress, Top and Bottom then break down Bottoms into: pants, denim and skirt.

This seems obvious and that certainly the way you built up your catalog. The point is, most software consider each category as independent and not related, you can get no real insights this way, but with our powerful Nested Category Management you will be able to do that.

Our reporting will give you incredible insights on your sales and your returns per category. You'll see exactly which department is your money maker and you will be able to drill down on it and see more specifically how each sub-categories contribute in volume and income.

Brand and Collection
Brand and Collection Create and assign Brands or Collections that you will be able to use later to select products, for example, to create discounts.

Final Sale
Final Sale Identify products that you don't want to be eligible for a customer return. They will show up as "Final sale" into sales orders and will be disabled for returns creation.

Advanced Discount Management
Advanced Discount Management You can create and plan ahead several discounts for the same product. From the classic percentage discount to the "Buy one get one 50% Off".

If you sell a SKU in many sizes and colors, you can even limit the discount on specific color and/or size and get rid of those who don't sell well.

You can schedule your discounts ahead and limit them to a specific time frame.

Dimensions and Weight
Dimensions and Weight Fill in weight and dimension of your products and you'll speed up your shipping process by having it automatically, calculate the weight of your packages.

Recommendations Easily browse from product to product using recommendations. Simply add unlimited product recommended on each product and create products linkage.
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