Why Hexoss?
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Why Hexoss?
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Inventory Control &
Warehouse Management
made easy from now, and
eCommerce ready.

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All-in-one solution so easy to use
that it seems to work on its own.

Inventory ManagementImprove visibility and control across your warehouses in real time from anywhere.

Barcode ScanningTrack your inventory at light speed with Barcode Scanning & Label printing capabilities.

Warehouse ManagementStreamline all your processes with a Smart Warehouse Management solution 100% paperless.

eCommerceSell more with a beautiful website, mobile friendly and customized with our easy to use Site builder.

PurchasingBenefit from forecast and automation for speeding up your purchases.

RelationshipsCustomers & Suppliers with a complete Relationship Management.

MarketingBoost your sales and fidelize your customers. Advanced discounts & coupon engine

AnalyticsGet the best insight to make smart decisions and lead ahead of your competitors.

From Anywhere, on any devices*
Always in real time
* Internet connexion required

Did you know?
Each mistake made during order fulfillment, cost you at least $50. With Hexoss you will be able to save $10,000 a year or more.
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Why Hexoss?

Boost your bottom line
  • Reach 100% inventory accuracy,
  • Reduce your operating and labor cost,
  • Increase your productivity.
  • Pick, Pack & Ship faster

Increase your revenue
  • Sell more with eCommerce website
  • Take order from anywhere.
  • Boost your sales with Marketing features.

Smart by design
  • Process automation and optimization,
  • Forecast and Deep Analytics,
  • Workforce management assisted,
  • 100% Paperless.
All-in-one Solution
  • Get a 360° view of your business.
  • Stop switching between multiple apps

Really easy to use
  • User friendly with high user adoption,
  • No excessive and boring training.

No contract, no commitment.
  • Pay Month to Month, no annual contract,
  • US based support and customer service,

Grows with you
  • Set up new users in minutes from anywhere,
  • Add new warehouses or stores in no time.

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