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Complete Inventory ControlGain inventory control and visibility across all your retail and wholesale channels, systems, and fulfillment locations.

Improve Inventory Visibility & Control
  • Connect all your eCommerce platforms, marketplaces, POS systems, shipping, fulfillment, and accounting solutions into a single operations platform.
  • Know what you have and where you have it; manage sales, purchases, transfers, and multi-warehouse inventory all from one place.
  • Maintain accountability across the enterprise through detailed stock transfers, stock log, and stocktakes.

No Apps, No limit... Just Everywhere on every device* No need to install an application. Use your tablet, your smartphone your laptop or your hand held computer and simply have access to all your business. Your orders, your stock levels, your customers and your suppliers at a glance.

Sizes, Colors & Barcode Forget the variants! Are you a fashion professional? You sell products by sizes and colors. WE speak sizes and color fluently. And of course the barcodes are natively managed.

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