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Customers & Suppliers

Multi ContactCRM

Multi Contact

Doing business with companies can involve multiple contacts before leading to a deal and each one of them has a specific role. Keeping track of each person and knowing which location they work at. Are they decision maker or not. What their email and phone number are?

Get the same valuable information for customers and suppliers and improve the knowledge sharing of their relationship.

Multi addressinventory management software

Multi address

Keep track of all physical addresses of each customer and supplier with our unlimited address book.

For Customer: What is their billing address? Do your customer prefer coming to pick up their order or do they prefer them to be shipped? Define the default shipping address to speed up the order taking process entry.

Complete Historycustomer history of sales

Complete History

Create, check status, and get instantaneous access to all Documents directly from the Customer or Supplier account : Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Quotes, Invoices, Credit Notes and Return.

Linked Documentsinvoicing software

Linked Documents

Browse the documents history with ease from document to document just by following the links. Jump from order to invoice or return, in one click.

Smart Assistantinventory management solution

Smart Assistant

Simply transform an "Accepted Quote" into Sales Order ready to be fulfilled or a "Received Purchase Order" into an invoice ready to be paid at the terms negotiated.

Easily duplicate any document and complete it to speed up your process. Quickly create a Credit Note from an invoice.

Multi Package Trackingshipping software

Multi Package Tracking

Track directly from each sales order all the packages shipped and what they contain.

Customer Returnscustomer return

Customer Returns

Create, very quickly, a Return authorization from an already shipped order. Simply select items that have to be returned and the reason why.

You can choose the warehouse where the return has to be shipped and the refund method between cash or store credit.

Your customer will automatically receive the return authorization with a barcode directly by email.

When the return will arrive at your warehouse, your employee will just have to scan the barcode to process it and restock the returned products if they are resalable. Reverse logistic, made easy.

Payments and Refunds trackinginventory management software for small business

Payments and Refunds tracking

Register any payment and refund. Record multiple payments for one order. You keep track of every cash transaction either inbound or outbound.

Balanceinventory management system


Keep an eye on how much your customers owe you at a glance. You have the total amount of all invoices due. For your supplier it will be how much you owe to them.

Down paymentwarehouse management software

Down payment

For a new customer or from a new supplier, it's common to ask or to be asked a down payment and that's when start your headache.

How will you handle it? Will you write it down on a post-it or add the amount on a spreadsheet as reminder? Or will you create unnecessary invoices to keep your accountant happy?

No, it should have a simple way to do that. Indeed, just create a payment on a sales or purchase order and it's done. The payment will be automatically applied when you invoice a customer or record the supplier invoice. And you keep track of this payment during all the process.


You have multiple projects started with the same customer. Instead of asking for multiple down payments, you can ask for one payment as deposit. It will credit your customer account, and then it will be easy for you to use it, to pay multiple order, as your discretion.

Store Credit

When you refund a customer, you will create a Credit Note. Once issued, that will credit the "Store Credit" available for your customer. You then have the choice to refund in cash your customer or keep the Store Credit that you will be able to use to pay future invoice. The same feature is availabale for your Suppliers: you can keep track a credit you get when you receive damaged merchandise or incomplete delivery.

Discount and Termsecommerce inventory management software

Discount and Terms

You can customize your prices by setting the discount rate and payment terms negotiated with each customer and supplier and these will automatically be applied to the total of each order and the due date of the invoice will be automatically calculated.

Relationship and AppointmentsRelationship and Appointments setting

Relationship and Appointments

Keep track of all your communication with your customers. When was your last phone call? What was its purpose? Know if your customer has called your customer service and for what reason. Schedule a meeting with multiple contacts include several team members.
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