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From Anywhere in Real Time
From Anywhere in Real Time The mobility is definitely part of our DNA. Get access to 100% of your business from anywhere in real time. No matter if you're using Hexoss from a desktop computer, a tablet, your smartphone or handheld computer, no app installation is required. You are on the field, don't worry, Hexoss is optimized to be responsive even with a slow internet connection. Unleash your company and reach new business opportunities today.

Dashboard Keep an eye on how your business does in a snapshot. What's your income today and what was the trend of the last 7 days. Get your cash flow forecast easily with how much you owe to your suppliers and how much your customers owe you.

Sales order
Sales order Take order from virtually anywhere: in store, on the phone, in a trade show even on the field. Grab your favorite connected device and you are ready to make sales. Showcase your product catalog with HD photos and boost your sales. Keep an eye on your orders fulfillment progress, in real time.

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Purchasing This is not a secret: to sell well, you have to buy very well. To ensure the quality of your purchases, you need tools that assist you all along the procurement process. With Hexoss you benefit from forecast and automation. Speed up your purchases with our Smart Re-order list. Stop wasting money and save time with Hexoss.

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Inventory Management
Inventory Management Improve visibility and control with a multi-level stock across your multiple warehouses, in real time. Serial number, Lot ID and expiry tracked from purchases to sales order. Enhance your product data with unlimited custom fields. Manage your catalogue with unlimited HD photos and a powerful nested categories system that boosts your analytics and improves your marketing. 100% optimized for barcode use.

You sell products by sizes and colors ? Forget the variants! WE speak sizes and colors fluently.

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Warehouse Management
Warehouse Management Whatever your organization: single warehouse, multi-warehouses or distribution center with several stores. We got you covered with our Smart Warehouse Management 100% paperless. You will transform your sites into high-end supply chain facilities.

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Shipping Ship your Sales Orders at a glance. Create Multi Shipping Zones. Ship with multi-carrier and multi-packages. Auto packages' weight calculation and rate based on order's total amount or weight. Packages' tracking number and email notification built in. Integration with your favorite shipping software.

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Customers & Suppliers Management
Customers & Suppliers Management There is no mystery that a well managed customer and supplier relationship is the key to a successful business. Get to know your customers better. Access their complete history at a glance. Make your sales team more efficient and close more deals. With a best in class CRM, make repeated sales and keep your customers happy and loyal. Manage your suppliers relationship with the same quality as the one you have for your customers with complete history.

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Marketing You company faces tough competition and needs to throw all its resources in the battle to win. Marketing is your best weapon. Creating discounts, coupons or building a contact list to launch an email campaign are amongst the most important tools you will need on a daily basis. Hexoss can help provide you with the means to be and stay ahead of your competitors.

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Analytic In today's modern age, running a business is all about analytics and forecasts. Companies, that get the best insight lead. Don't stay behind. Discover what your data can show you about not only your sales figures and your "Best Sellers". With Hexoss you can access analytics insights about your sales, your customers, your returns and your purchases. Take advantage of our GeoStat feature and see clearly in which States you make more money. Empower your decision making with smart data.

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Sales Tax
Sales Tax Managing Sales Tax is complicated and time consuming. When you sell across multiple states and you do enough business within a given state at some point you will trigger your requirement to collect and file your sales tax. It can quickly become overwhelming. We made sales tax quicker and easier on you. Select which states you want to collect sales tax for. You have the option of identifying the taxability of each product. Even complex scenarios can be handled, such as when the same product is taxable in one state but exempt in another. It's definitely a burden but here is how our sales tax code system comes to your rescue. Just create a tax code and for each state, select a setting i.e. if it's taxable, exempt or taxable at a special rate. Then just apply the tax code that you have just created to the products in question, and that's a wrap! The right sales tax amount on each sales order depending on the shipping address will be calculated automatically.

Users Management
Users Management You can precisely and easily set who can do what and from where. More than 40 different rights that you can activate, for each user. You can limit the user's access to a specific warehouse or give a particular user the ability to view all of them. A very advanced users rights management that is easy to set up, by selecting from 15 presets Roles that you can also customize to speed up the creation of new user account.

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Each mistake your employees make, cost you about $50. With Hexoss you will able to save $10,000 a year or more.
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