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Prepare your purchase order from anywhereinventory management software for small business

Prepare your purchase order from anywhere

During a tradeshow, when you visit a new supplier or at your office, you create a Purchase Order from your Supplier account and select the warehouse where it should be delivered and get all your stock levels.

You can even create your new product on the field and take some photos to remind you exactly what your purchased directly from your smartphone.

Dashboardpurchasing and procurement


At a glance, follow your Purchase Orders stages, know exactly which Purchase Orders still require approval, what is the schedule of deliveries and which ones are late.

Know when your Purchase Order is received and, in real time, what is the progress of the inspection and put away process. All this knowledge, at a fingertip, provided for each warehouse.

Smart Purchasesmart purchase

Smart Purchase

Speed up your purchasing with our automated Reorder List. Get all your stock alerts, in a "ready to create", Purchases Order.

Sorted by warehouse, you will get at a glance, all your products who triggered reorder grouped by supplier and for each item: what is actually available, what is your re-order trigger level, and what is your incoming.

You can adjust the prefilled quantities, or remove an item from the list and in one click create your Purchase order.

Save money: No more duplicate Purchasewarehouse inventory management software

Save money: No more duplicate Purchase

Forget the times when you purchased the same product twice, simply because you placed another order in between the purchase's time and the delivery time due to a stupid stock alert.

When you approve a Purchase Order, the purchased quantities will immediately appear on the product's incoming stock level, so if one of our smart stock alerts have been triggered, you know that you are low in stock but you already did the job and await for you delivery.

Ordering twice won't speed up the delivery but instead make you waste money, but at the same time, you still get the alert and then if you find out that your previous purchase order was underestimated, you can place another one.

Approval managementpurchase approval process

Approval management

You can give the authorization of your buyer to approve his/her purchases order or you can choose to let your buyers prepare and tag them "to be reviewed" and keep your buyer manager in charge of approval. Even if someone, email or print, a PO, it will show NOT yet approved to avoid any confusion if it's the case.

Barcode scanning

Like Sales Order, you can prepare your Purchase Order by simply scanning the barcode of each product.

Print & emailinventory management software

Print & email

You can print or send a personalized email to your Supplier with the Purchase Order as an attachment in just one click.

Invoices owe & forecastcash flow forecasting

Invoices owe & forecast

Easily track your invoice owed to your suppliers and forecast what you will have to pay in the next 90 days.

Down payment & prepayment

Down payment & prepayment

It's common for a new supplier to require a down payment or prepayment in full. You wouldn't write it down on a note or a spreadsheet?

No, you simply create a payment on your Purchase order and it's done. When you get the invoice, the payment will be automatically applied and you keep track of this payment, all along the process, into the Supplier account.
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