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inventory management software
Running a business is not only about seamlessly implementing your processes. Nowadays, it's all about analytics, forecasting and risk management. Buying well to sell very well. Don't over purchase inventory that can run the risk of staying on the shelf too long and cost you money but at the same time, make sure to have enough stock to avoid shortage and losing sales.
inventory management solution
Most of the time numbers will go against what you think. You can feel that your best seller is one product but numbers will show you that you really make money with another one, and if your business is sensitive to seasonality, it's getting trickier to have a clear view without the right tools.

Hexoss will provide you all the KPI that you have never ever imagined.

  • Sales Funnel
  • Type of Customer
  • Acquisition
  • Geographic Origin (USA heat map)
  • Inactive Customer detector

  • Top Customer
  • Performance by Salesperson, Channel and Location
  • Geo Reports (USA heat map)
  • Product Best Seller:
    • Breakdown per categories in volume and sales
    • Most sold sizes and Colors per SKU

  • Most Return Product
  • Breakdown per category and see the most reason for return

  • Total purchase per Supplier
  • Average real Lead Time
  • Quality of delivery

  • Total stock value per warehouse/store at any date
  • Age and value of your stock

  • per States
  • per County

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