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Based in Woodland Hills California, Hexoss inc provides a cloud based, inventory and warehouse management software that was developed for use by business entities of all sizes. Our software is designed to handle heavy workload of big box companies while keeping in mind the fact that the system must also be easy to use and affordable for a small and medium-sized businesses.

You do not need to be an accountant, computer engineer or technical expert to use our sofware. We know that your time is important to you so the system is designed to help you run your business efficiently and seamlessly by taking care of your company day-to-day needs.

Our founder has more than 20 years of technical expertise and practical knowledge in software engineering, design and user experience. As a serial entrepreneur, amongs other things, he also ran a successful ecommerce company for 7 years and kept up with 50% growth year over year.

Dedicated and passionate, he knows what it takes to efficiently manage a warehouse operations and what can set you apart from your competitors.

Without the assistance of investors, by reinvesting his profits and using the software he created, in less than 3 years, he was able to move his business operations from his small garage to a 40,000 square feet warehouse, which received more than 150 new SKUs each week. This business enterprise spanned the entire process from purchasing and client orders to the actual physical fulfillement of the orders (receipt and customer returns). In developping Hexoss software, he incorporated his "hands on" knowledge of the day to day challenges that you meet in your business. This is what makes Hexoss so different.

We can better serve you because we know what you really need to optimise your workflow and make your life easier. Having Hexoss by your side gives you complete access to your business from anywhere and in real time. You can manage your company from all-in-1, powerful, easy to use and reliable software. We'll follow your growth and boost your bottom line.

21550 Oxnard St.
Woodland Hills,
CA 91367

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