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Create a contact list

Create a contact list

On a daily basis, your company needs to communicate with your customers and prospects. It can be to announce a new product, conducting a customer survey, or to send them a special discount.

To seize all these business opportunities with ease. At your convenience, you can create a contact list, in 3 simple steps, and get only name and email or phone number or the complete contact information including their postal mailing address. Download it in CSV file ready to use.

Coupon code creation

Coupon code creation

You can create a coupon code in a snap. These coupons can be applied on customer orders and offer a special discount. You can apply multiple coupon on a same Sales order.

Those coupons will allow you to create discounts like: Buy 2 get one 50% OFF on a category of products, or giveaway a product on a minimum order amount. You have up to 7 different types of coupons that cover most common discount types.

Advanced Discount Engine

Advanced Discount Engine

Another way to create discounts is to create them in batches that will be applied on a products selection instead of manually creating them on each product.

You have multiple criteria to make your selection we even made a products detector who have not been sold since a specific date. Then set your discount and apply.

3 simple steps that make discount management easy on you.
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